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Love on people!

August 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

At New Hope, you’ll often hear our staff and volunteers use this phrase. It really means to show Jesus’ love to one another, a core element of our mission statement that declares we will “show the love and hope of Christ” in service to our neighbors in need. It’s how and why we walk in our faith as Christians.

Loving on the people who turn to New Hope for help looks different every day. It’s the smile the volunteer receptionist shares with the guest who timidly opens our front door for the first time. It’s the case worker gently offering a tissue and a word of prayer to the guest sitting in her office sobbing, as he wonders how he’s going to pay next month’s rent.

Thousands of people in our community, receive hope and help when they are loved on at New Hope. They are facing the effects of record-high inflation and they need your help. Will you please make a generous gift to New Hope Ministries today? Your donation will ensure that the growing number of people who are turning to us for help with food, paying rent and electric bills, car repairs and gasoline, and needing job training programs will experience God’s love like never before. Thank you!

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