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Beautiful voices praising God in song!

May 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

New Hope Ministries had the honor of attending and being the recipient of the goodwill offering during the 2019 Ecumenical Choir at St. Joseph Parish in Mechanicsburg.  The Choir had members from 39 area churches that sang like angels to a large audience. After the performance, New Hope had the opportunity to talk with concertgoers, dozens of which were current New Hope volunteers!   As the crowd dissipated, a gentleman quietly mentioned that he was a current guest receiving services at New Hope.  He conveyed that all the staff and volunteers have shown his such love, grace, care, compassion and kindness as they help him regain footing with his finances.  As he spoke, his face beamed with admiration of New Hope’s life transforming ministry.   
The outpouring of generosity, affirmation and kindness during this event was overwhelming. God truly was at work! Every day we have many opportunities to show the love, grace and hope of Jesus to everyone we come in contact with. We love others because of Jesus’s amazing love and grace to us!