Vision Statement

Every life transformed!


Mission Statement

New Hope Ministries is a Christian social service agency that shows the love and hope of Christ by serving our neighbors in times of need and supporting their efforts toward stability.

Values Statements

Inspired by the commitment of the local religious communities to address the needs of people in our service and care, we pledge to uphold these values:

Faithfulness: We will adhere to all of the doctrinal tenets outlined in our Statement of Faith.

Compassion: We will serve Christ through demonstrating loving care and compassion to all.

Dignity: We understand the sacred worth of each person and will treat all persons with respect.

Wholeness: We recognize the importance of caring for the needs of a person’s body, mind and spirit.

Cooperation: We will work in partnership with the religious community, other service organizations, and individuals of good will to meet the needs of each individual most effectively.

Stewardship: We will efficiently use the resources that God provides for us.

Accountability: We will uphold the varying degrees of responsibility people have in meeting their own basic needs.

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