Thank you for your beautiful gift to New Hope Ministries! We are grateful for your loving support of our neighbors in need.

Enjoy a short story from one of our staff members:

“During a recent visit to our food pantry, I met with a guest who is on disability and struggling to make ends meet. She mentioned that she is also trying to mend her relationships with family and friends. After praying together and reminding her of God’s promises, she left feeling grateful. 

I saw her again yesterday and noticed a significant change in her demeanor. She had a smile on her face and thanked me for talking with her and providing her with much-needed support. This experience taught me that listening and offering prayer can make a big difference in someone’s life. Moreover, the guest’s gratitude and positivity were inspiring and encouraging for me as well.”

Thank you for your support in helping us fulfill not just the basic needs, but also the spiritual needs of those we serve. Your generosity is truly inspiring.

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