Our Most Current Volunteer Needs by Location:

January 2020

Dillsburg Center

  • Front desk volunteers
  • Food pantry volunteers

Dover Center

  • Cleaning mid-week and Friday afternoon
  • Cooking/Kitchen meal prep
  • Stability and workforce development coaches
  • Teachers for financial literacy class

Hanover Center

  • Pantry help is always needed (Call Pam at (717) 698-3365 x509)
  • Kitchen/servers/cooks

Littlestown Center

Front desk help needed

Budgeting class teacher

Cooking class teacher

Casework assistant

Mechanicsburg Center

Need pantry stockers – able to lift 40 pounds

New Oxford Center

  • Front desk Tuesday 12-4
  • Pantry Tuesday 12-4
  • Pantry Friday 12-4
  • Truck Tuesday 10am
  • Truck Wednesday 10am

West Shore Center

Pantry and warehouse help needed (stocking shelves; assisting guests)

Youth Programs

New Hope is always looking for volunteers to help with our Youth Programs! Interested in helping? Please call Stephanie at (717) 766-7333 x3016  or Rachel at (717) 698-3365 x508.

Kids Club in Dillsburg need a volunteer on Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm.  Call Stephanie if interested!

Volunteer needs include: data entry, Kids Club volunteers, Petals volunteers.  Youth programs can always use backpack foods like mac&cheese, Spaghetti O’s, fruit cups, individual servings of foods.

Need Sharpies of any color or size, fast food $5 gift cards.  Youth program also needs a volunteer for the Dillsburg Youth and Backpack Alley.